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Meet Emily. Your Personal Success Coach.

Learn to ditch the diet, manage your time, set boundaries and achieve lofty goals all with your very own 1 on 1 Personal Success Coach!

Uplevel Your Success with Personal Coaching - Stop Living a Diet and Start Living Your Life! 

Have you tried every diet out there? Are you desperately trying to find the quickest and easiest path to your goal weight?

Do you find yourself thinking that if you could just lose weight then your life would be better? Do you dream of a life where you can go out with your girlfriends and not worry about how that will effect the scale?

Do you wonder if you're just too busy, too old or too big-boned to have the body and life you want? Look no further! I designed Ditch the Diet with people EXACTLY like you in mind!

I have been right where you are now. Diet fatigue. Wanting better for myself but not knowing how to achieve it in a way that would be sustainable for me.

More than that, I wanted a way to lose my weight WHILE enjoying my life. I decided I was done waiting for happiness. It was time to go find it.  AND I DID.

Now, I have the absolute pleasure of coaching women just like you to do the same.

I'm sharing all of my tools with you, including my personal planner I made for goal-focused individuals like us!


Are you ready to design your life in a way that will allow your body to fall to it's natural weight? No diet. No restrictions. No eating windows. No counting. It's time to Ditch the Diet once and for all!

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The Self-Love Project is About SO MUCH MORE than weight loss!

Inside the private Facebook group you'll find a community of other like-minded women who are ready to up-level their lives!  You will also be the first to hear about pop-up group coaching opportunities.

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Take the First Step.


We all get stuck from time to time.  Let's not make it mean you don't know what to do, or that you're hopeless.  That's NOT true. 


Get started with Ditch the Diet today!  

I am giving you Module One for FREE to get you started!


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1 on 1 Personal Success Coaching 

1 on 1 coaching will change the trajectory of your life! If you show up to do the work, attend your calls and go all in on yourself, you will be successful. Guaranteed!

What do you want to work on first?  We will start with your squeakiest wheel! Is that Ditch the Diet? Monday Hour One Time Management?  Maybe you'd rather start with Decision Making.  There are countless places to start your unique transformation! 

I'm Ready to Hire a Success Coach!

My Ditch The Diet Workbook.

My Ditch The Diet workbook provides you with a strategy for setting goals, keeping to a schedule, and achieving success in your weight loss efforts. This guide will assist you in creating a plan that works for you, making for sustainable weight loss.


If you follow Emily Brower Life Coaching on Facebook or listen to my Table for Two Podcast, you can purchase the workbook here:

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Hear From My Team Of Happy Weight Loss Clients

Want to find out more about how I might be able to help you? Listen to what some of my clients have to say about my Ditch The Diet coaching program.


It's not that you can't lose weight. It's not that something is wrong with you.

You're not hopeless and you're not stuck where you are!

You're just trying to solve the wrong problem. That's it. And we all do it, at first. Weight loss is a journey of healing.

Not a place to come in with hard and fast rules and be the dictator of your fork. That only makes you feel worse.


Weight loss is not about the food. It's about holding space for human emotions and then learning what to do when those emotions come up.


I can coach you on how to manage your mindset. I can teach you how to start losing weight in a way that's almost so easy it doesn't feel real.

I can teach you how to start loving yourself again. Or for the first time.

The Table for Two Podcast

The podcast that teaches you how to Ditch the Diet mentality and lose your weight for the last time. Each week I invite you into my life and into my coaching practice, as I share with you real time obstacles and strategies happening on my own weight loss journey as well as give you a glimpse into what's being taught inside the membership.

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Client Testimonials

Emily Brower Weight Loss and Life Coaching is phenomenal! she will coach you to your "ah-ha" moments and realizations about your thoughts. Do this for yourself you are worth the time and this investment. I've been successful at losing weight since beginning with Emily.

She has given me ideas and insights into how to document my food in a functional way that works for me. And how to incorporate adding workouts to my weekly schedule!

You will add so much joy and value to your life by choosing her coaching!!

- Pamela

Emily Brower from Emily Brower Life Coaching, LLC is an inspiration. She has so much knowledge in the field of weight loss and especially body positivity that I highly recommend her as a coach as well as an expert in setting your mind towards what's possible in life and health. Emily shares insight, information and practical tips for making the best choices, guilt-free, to focus on a healthy lifestyle. I recommend her without hesitation! 


- Diane

For years, maybe my whole adult life, I have struggled with the thought..."I have to lose weight before I can {date, run a race, be happy}" Insert any phrase. This mindset has set me back time and time again.

Emily has been instrumental in helping me turn my thinking around. Her guidance through all aspects of life has helped me realize how strong I am today. how much I can accomplish now.

She has taught me not to think about what used to be or what I think should be....BUT what is RIGHT NOW!!! With the proper mindset anything is possible! Thank you Emily for all your help and guidance. I look forward to our next round of sessions!

- Courtney

If you are looking for a weight loss coach, you’ve come to the right spot! Emily’s has created a program that delivers real results and she shares a lot of unique resources.

Even though this is a remote program, you feel like she is right next to you every step of the way.  

Her online community is fantastic! It’s full off inspiring women that are all on the same journey. It’s a way to develop lifetime friendships and lasting results!

Highly recommended!

- Adrian

Emily’s coaching has taught me to listen to and trust my body. I know when I’m hungry, what I need, and nothing is off limits. There are no feelings of fear and I never feel deprived. More importantly, for the first time, it doesn’t feel temporary.

I know I’m creating lifelong positive healthy habits to give my body what it needs. I have found self love, trust and confidence in my ability to choose what’s best and stop when I’ve had enough.

I thought I had tried everything but I had never addressed my mindset and relationship with food. Emily has never told me what, when or how much to eat and yet, I continue to lose weight and have a love, appreciation and respect for my body that I’ve never had before.

- Julie


Emily's Ditch the Diet is such a valuable tool!

She creates a community that helps each person find their livable solutions to the situations that are the background cause of the dieting cycles that cause so many of us to feel trapped and shamed.

On Zoom she has energy, compassion and, importantly the skill to have members trust her and their cohort. This support allows each person to move at their pace to find the way to believe that it is not what they weigh that makes their life better, but rather what they bring to their life.

Women of all ages, dietary restrictions and size who want to feel their best will find this of benefit.


- Gillian

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