Hi! I’m Emily


Growing up, I always wanted to fit in... 


I wanted to have a huge group of friends and be the first one chosen when the gym teacher assigned the dreaded 'team captains' of the class.  Not because I was the least bit athletic, but because I wanted to experience that feeling.  Chosen. 

But I knew that wasn't me.  I was always bigger than the other kids.  I was shy.  I had that awkward haircut and my clothes never fit just right.  I couldn't make friends because I wasn't in any one school long enough.  My life was so different than my peers.  Or so those were a few of the terrible things that I used to tell myself. 

I tried diet after diet, determined to fit in once and for all.  I started dieting at age 9.  Nine.  You see, all along I was living a thought error.  I thought my value was in my weight.  If I could just be skinny, I would think, THEN people will see all I have to offer.  They'll see how kind and compassionate I am.  They'll see what a loyal friend I am.  Hey, they'll get a chance to see that I'm funny!  I wasn't able to believe any of these things about myself, or let these parts of me take up space in the outside world because I thought I needed peer approval and a proper scale read-out first.  

My friends, we can give ourselves the love and acceptance that we deserve and we can start doing that right now, before the scale says a damn thing about it.

As a life coach, I can help you see your life beyond the scale.

The key to your success is in the decision to choose yourself.  No more waiting to be chosen. We've got one extraordinary life waiting to be lived.  Let's get to living it.

I'd love to work with you.




See what other busy women, just like you, are saying about working with me. 

Emily's program is such a valuable tool!

She creates a community that helps each person find their livable solutions to the situations that are the background cause of the dieting cycles that cause so many of us to feel trapped and shamed.

On Zoom she has energy, compassion and, importantly the skill to have members trust her and their cohort. This support allows each person to move at their pace to find the way to believe that it is not what they weigh that makes their life better, but rather what they bring to their life.

Women of all ages, dietary restrictions and size who want to feel their best will find this of benefit.


Gillian, Vermont

Emily’s coaching has taught me to listen to and trust my body. I know when I’m hungry, what I need, and nothing is off limits. There are no feelings of fear and I never feel deprived. More importantly, for the first time, it doesn’t feel temporary.

I know I’m creating lifelong positive healthy habits to give my body what it needs. I have found self love, trust and confidence in my ability to choose what’s best and stop when I’ve had enough.

I thought I had tried everything but I had never addressed my mindset and relationship with food. Emily has never told me what, when or how much to eat and yet, I continue to lose weight and have a love, appreciation and respect for my body that I’ve never had before.


Julie, Vermont

I was toying with the idea of using a life/weight coach for a while
but didn't think it was really anything that would work for me.
It was always just something in the back of my mind. 
Emily was recently referred to me by someone very close to me so I thought
it was time for me to give it a try. It was a point in my where I really could use the help.
I had NO idea how much a life coach could positively affect my life.
Emily makes you feel safe. She encourages and pushes you to own up to yourself.
She asks me questions that really make me look inside myself. She'll challenge you.
I've been an emotional mess, happy, angry, everything you can imagine, all in one session. 
She's incredibly supportive, kind, empathetic, and encouraging. 
She really goes through it with you. She REALLY listens and honestly after every session
I leave feeling stronger. She makes me feel like I'm the only
person in the world while I'm talking to her. 
I couldn't think highly of her or my experience. 


Heather, Maryland

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