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Food solves for hunger.

Thought work solves the rest.

Life Coaching For Women.

Hi, I'm Emily Brower, Founder of Emily Brower Life Coaching, Creator of The Self-Love Project and your Personal Success Coach! I'm here to help you with your mind, body, and spirit. Together we can make your best life possible!

Personal coaching is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women to learn how to ditch the diet, manage their time, set boundaries and achieve lofty goals, all from the comfort of home!

Is this right for me? Let's find out!

We've got one extraordinary life waiting to be lived.

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Growing up, I always wanted to fit in... 


I wanted to have a huge group of friends and be the first one chosen when the gym teacher assigned the dreaded 'team captains' of the class.  Not because I was the least bit athletic, but because I wanted to experience that feeling.  Chosen. 

But I knew that wasn't me.  I was always bigger than the other kids.  I was shy.  I had that awkward haircut and my clothes never fit just right.  I couldn't make friends because I wasn't in any one school long enough.  My life was so different than my peers.  Or so those were a few of the terrible things that I used to tell myself. 

I tried diet after diet, determined to fit in once and for all.  I started dieting at age 9.  Nine.  You see, all along I was living a thought error.  I thought my value was in my weight.  If I could just be skinny, I would think, THEN people will see all I have to offer.  They'll see how kind and compassionate I am.  They'll see what a loyal friend I am.  Hey, they'll get a chance to see that I'm funny!  I wasn't able to believe any of these things about myself, or let these parts of me take up space in the outside world because I thought I needed peer approval and a proper scale read-out first.  

My friends, we can give ourselves the love and acceptance that we deserve and we can start doing that right now, before the scale says a damn thing about it.

As a weight loss coach, I can teach you how to lose your weight for the last time without feeling guilty for spending time and energy on yourself.

The key to your success is in the decision to choose yourself.  No more waiting to be chosen. We've got one extraordinary life waiting to be lived.  Let's get to living it.

I'd love to work with you.


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