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Lunch with a Doctor

Apr 10, 2022

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of women for a networking lunch.

Among these women was a doctor. When I shared about the work I do (teaching women to get busy living their beautiful lives regardless of what the scale says), she immediately challenged the points I was making. She told me I was forgetting about genetics. And then she said "Women like you and me are just meant for the Ice Age. We could feed on a walrus for a few days and be good for a month. We'll make ourselves nuts trying to be skinny."

Now, at first, I reverted right back to 9yr old Emily. Emily who so desperately wanted a doctor to tell her everything would be OK with her weight.

And then I felt anger. This doctor's limiting belief in herself is nothing to feel anger about. However, to know that's also the message she spreads and asks others to wear with her, breaks my heart. How many of us would feel compelled to listen to a doctor over our own inner voice? Probably several.

Then I realized. This isn't anger I'm feeling. It's passion. Passion to keep doing this work. Passion to spread my message. To keep empowering women to look inward for their strengths and truths. They're there. Ice age or 21st century. I'd love to guide you through finding and thriving on your unique strengths and truths.

I'm not a doctor. I'm a woman with a deep understanding for the mental weight women hold onto about their physical weight.