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Online Success Coaching To Get To The Best You!


When you hire me as your Personal Success Coach,  I will teach you how to build sustainable habits that will take you to your goals.  I offer personalized support every step of the way, so you can reach your goals and maintain your results for good.  No more waiting around, wishing.

I will also show you exactly where your thinking is getting in your way, making achieving those goals seem so out of reach right now!

If you show up to do the work, attend your coaching sessions and go all-in on yourself, you will be successful.  Guaranteed.


We all know how to...

• Put off our goals because we "don't have time"

• Wonder if something will work for us because we've "tried everything"

• Delay starting because we're afraid to fail, to be judged

• Convince ourselves we're a unicorn that can't lose weight or make changes and our problems are harder.


What we don't all know is that we have huge potential once we learn how to manage our mindset. THAT is what I want to teach you as your Personal Success Coach.

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1 on 1 Personal Success Coaching

   Your ticket to real results and lasting change.


1 on 1 Personal Success Coaching


  • 1 on 1 Weekly Private Coaching w/Emily (30-min)
  • Private Marco Polo Coaching w/Emily in between sessions
  • Weekly Accountability with Mini Goal Setting Between Sessions
  • Access to members-only library
  • Monthly Journal PDF
  • Member's only email
  • Ditch the Diet Course
  • Monday Hour One Class
  • Understanding Relationships Workbook
  • Decision - Making Workshop
  • A supportive, private FB community

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You'll Have All The Tools You Need To Succeed.

My online coaching clients have access to my Ditch The Diet workbook. This is your guide to setting goals, staying on track and achieving success in your diet. With helpful worksheets and exercises, this book will help you create a plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you lose weight. With tips for creating a healthy routine and avoiding common diet traps, the workbook will help you achieve your goals without restrictive diets or complicated rules.

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Make Yourself a Priority Again with Online Life and Weight Loss Coaching!

Do you want to ditch the diet rules and start loving your body today? Ditch the Diet is my weight loss program that helps busy women, just like you, achieve sustainable, healthy weight loss without starving themselves or spending hours in the gym. 

Do you feel that you don't have time to set or reach any life and weight loss goals because you don't have time? You'll love my Monday Hour One time management course in the private member library!

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