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COMING SOON ~One Year Coach Mentorship and Certification~

What does the Coach Mentorship and Certification process consist of?

6 months of focused healing on YOU

  • Identify and transform the mindset that is holding you back
  • Let go of social and family expectations and build again, including only your favorite rules
  • Learn to trust yourself through the hard shit, and when your trust starts to waver, I'll be there and we'll coach through it.
  • Deep dive into the topics that are most important to you

6 months of Coach Skills Certification.  

  • Whether you use the techniques you learn in certification to enhance your current line of work (consider how coaching tools could transform those office conversations the way you've transformed your life) OR you use the tools you learn in certification to transform another area of your personal life now that we've taken care of weight health, that decision is yours, 6 months from now! How exciting!
  • Better yet?  You can use the tools and knowledge you learn in certification to go help others!  That's right, you can make your money back!  These tools can help you to heal others.  These tools can help you to build or strengthen your business.  These tools change lives.  Starting with yours.
  • Certification will include opportunities to practice your coaching skills on other women going through certification with you.

Let the best part of you begin the bloom.

Commonly Asked Questions


What if I quit like I always do?

There are no quitters in this mentorship program, only learners. We will work through each individual hurdle you face in your mindset and your habits.  One by one.  

Nothing ever works for me.  I've tried everything.  What makes this different?

You may have tried everything the diet industry has sold you, but I'd be willing to bet you haven't taken the time to sit with your mindset and get to know what's going on in that brain of yours! Trust me, I was the first to jump on the bandwagon of  just eat less, exercise more. What's the problem?  Stop complaining.  Just do it.  

Friends, that's not the solution.  That's fear-based motivation and it leads us to quitting.  None of that here.  The solution to your weight health is not outside of you.  It's an inside job.  I take you there, and it's amazing.  You'll learn things about yourself and your ability for change that you never saw before.

Why would I spend $5k if I don't believe I'll be successful?

Your lack of belief in yourself is the exact reason you should invest in this mentorship program.  That lack of belief is not just slowing down your weight loss.  It's getting in the way of you doing things in your life that you want to do, such as having  a voice in a relationship or feeling like it's ok for you to tell people no without fear of whether or not they still like you.

Did you spend $5k to lose weight?

No.  I spent $21k.  This is the best deal out there.  In fact, I'm offering this mentorship program for a fraction of the price that I paid to learn the same thing and I'm spending more than double the amount of time with you!  I told you it was a deal.  These tools are life changing.  Everyone needs access! 

Think of all the money you've spent on personal trainers, gym memberships you knew you wouldn't use (the purchase gave you hope, I get it), therapy, meal subscription boxes that are fun at first and then feel like weekly work delivered to your doorstep, shakes, energy drinks, that extra Starbucks run for the fourth time this week because you're so exhausted living a life with no space for you.  Exhale. 

The BEST $5k ever spent.  No exceptions.  

If you feel even an ounce of relief in finding this mentorship opportunity and you know that what I'm saying resonates with you, then let's get to work!

When you first sign up, before we've had a chance to meet, you'll be asked a few questions about yourself and what you're looking to create throughout our year together.  Your voice matters, right from the start!